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Title: Studies on comparison of grape hybrids and their parents for qualitative characters
Authors: Kanamadi, Vijayakumar
Guide/Chairperson: Rajendra Singh
Keywords: comparison
Issue Date: 1987
Year of Submission: 1987
Abstract: With an objective of identifying the superior grape hybrids in respect of different qualitative and quantitative parameters, studies were carried out on the comparison of parents comprising of twenty promising hybrids with ten parental varieties in a replicated trial in a completely randomized design at the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Hessaraghatta, Bangalore, during 11986-87. The ten varieties used either as female or male parents were; (1) Anab-e-Shahi, (2) Angur Kalan, (3) Bangalore Blue, (4) Bangalore Purple, (5) Black Champa, (6) Cheema Sahebi, (7) Convent Large Black, (8) Gulabi, (9) Queen of the Vineyards and (10) Thompson Seedless. Hybrids were evaluated against their parents in respect of vine growth parameters, yield attributes and quality components. Salient findings of the study are summarised below; 1. Significantly differences were observed among the parents and hybrids in respect of stem girth in June and October, and October prunings weight. Significantly differences were also observed in respect of the number of days taken for bud burst, shoot length, leaf number/shoot specific weight, leaf area during the fruiting season and leaf dry matter content, Chlorophyll ‘b’ and total chlorophyll (a+b) content during the fruiting season, yield attributes such as number of bunches/vine, mean bunch weight, bunch lengthy and breadth, number of berries/bunch, 50-berry weight and the yield/vine. Quality components such as juice, total soluble solids and seed (number) content also varied significantly among the parents and the hybrids. Shoot length at 60,75 and 90 days after budbreak during the growth season was negatively correlated with yield/vine. Reduction in the yield on account of increased shoot length seems to have mediated through the number of berries/bunch. Dry matter content, area and specific weight of leaf during the growth season were positively correlated with yield/vine. Anab-e-Shahi hybrids 4/15 (Anab-e-Shahi x Bangalore Purple) and 5/17 (Anab-e-Shahi x Black Champa) which had less shoot length after 60, 75 and 90 days of April pruning than Anab-e-Shahi seemed to be promising for yield. The same Anab-e-Shahi hybrids viz., 4/15 and 5/17 had more leaf dry matter content during the growth season, adding to their promise in respect of yield. 5/17 also holds promise for yield over Black Champa in view of higher leaf dry matter content. Anab-e-Shahi hybrids, 4/15 (Anab-e-Shahi x Bangalore Purple), 5/13 (Anab-e-Shahi x Black Champa), 5/17 (Anab-e-Shahi x Black Champa), F-13/20 (Anab-e-Shahi x Gulabi) and F-12/29 (Anab-e-Shahi x Gulabi); Thompson Seedless hybrids 29/6 (Black Champa x Thompson Seedless) and 30/16 (Black Champa x Thompson Seedless); Gulabi hybrids F-13/20 (Anab-e-Shahi x Gulabi) and F-12/29 (Anab-e-Shahi x Gulabi) and Bangalore Purple hybrid 4/15 (Anab-e-Shahi x Bangalore Purple) excelled their respective parents in yield/vine. Based on the observations made on the vine growth parameters, yield and quality, it can be concluded that Anab-e-Shahi hybrid 5/17 (Anabe- Shahi x Black Champa), Thompson Seedless hybrids 29/6 (Black Champa x Thompson Seedless) were improvements over their respective parents for yield and quality, Anab-e- Shahi hybrids, 4/15 (Anab-e-Shahi x Bangalore Purple) was improvement over Anab-e- Shahi for yield.
URI: http://www.erepo.iihr.ernet.in/handle/123456789/303
University in which they received their degree: University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore
Degree Level: M.Sc
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