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Title: Hybridization studies in tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa)
Authors: G K, Seetharamu
Guide/Chairperson: R N, Bhat
Keywords: Hybridization
Issue Date: 1993
Year of Submission: 1993
Abstract: The detailed hybridization studies including pollen viability, in vitro pollen germination, seed setting behavior in nine tube rose genotypes were conducted for the first time. The percentage of pollen viability varied considerably between genotypes. Among the double type of tuberose, maximum pollen viability was observed in IIHR-5 (89.9%) and IIHR-3 (88.3%). In single type to tuberose, maximum pollen viability as observed in IIHR-6 (89.3%). The percentage of in vitro pollen germination by hanging drop technique in tuberose genotypes revealed that the double types the highest percentage of pollen germination was observed in IIHR-2 (62.75%) and the lowest was in IIHR-3 (47,46%). Among the single types, maximum percentage of pollen germination was recorded in IIHR-6 (62.95%0 and the minimum in cv. Single (45.92%). The fruit set by open- pollination was highest in IIHR-6 (76.0%) whereas it was lowest in IIHR-1 (18.0%). Self incompatibility was observed in tuberose genotypes. Crossing of different single type of tuberose revealed that only in crosses between cv. Single x cv. Variegated a low percentage of success (1.31%) was observed after third and fourth day of pollination. The crosses involving double type of tuberose as a pollen parent with single type, the fruit set and fruit retention was considerably improved on fourth day after anthesis followed by third and second. Day. In single type to tuberose cv. Single and IIHR-6 were found to be better as seed parents. Among the double types, IIHR-2 and IIHR-3 were found to better as pollen parents. The crosses between IIHR-6 x IIHR-3 gave better fruit set (31.71%) followed by IIHR-1X cv. Double (35.29%). The open-pollinated seed germination was maximum in cv. Variegated (76.0%) followed by cv. Single, (64%). In seeds obtained from artificial cross-pollination, the seed germination was maximum in crosses between IIHR-1 x cv. Double (90.0%) followed by cv. Single X IIHR-2 (88.8%).
URI: http://www.erepo.iihr.ernet.in/handle/123456789/429
University in which they received their degree: University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore
Degree Level: M.Sc

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